CTEL (Center for Teaching Excellence in Learning) and Faculty Evaluation

Part I:  Lynda.com and Professional Development Obligations

Directions:  There are two parts to this lesson, followed by a quiz.  View the Lynda.com video which showcases our online (24/7) professional development services we offer to both faculty and staff.  Full time faculty are required to accumulate 100 points of professional development points  (see professional growth plan form) each school year.  Part-time faculty are not required to accumulate points, but we do require all faculty to complete Blackboard training via Lynda.com.  After this initial orientation class, you will become members of CTEL and eligible for CTEL services.  As noted, CTEL provides 24/7 online professional developmental training on 1,000's of tutorials (from Blackboard, to Excel, to Publisher, to Word, to your iPhone, and iPad, and more).  This online service is sponsored  by Lynda.com (an industry leader of online professional development).  CTEL also provides one-on-one training as well, on request.  As you have already discovered, you can access the CTEL link via the Faculty and Staff Quick Links page.  View the video below to learn more about Lynda.com.

Part II:  As with all higher education accredited institutions, all faculty are evaluated annually, both full and part-time.  Annual Performance Evaluations are completed each Spring term and results are submitted to the Human Resources Office for filing.  For this lesson, review the Annual Performance Process housed on our website by clicking on the Evaluation icon below.   In doing so, examine all evaluation instruments that are associated with faculty and classroom observations (as listed below).  Then, take the Lesson 4 quiz embedded on this page. 


Part II:  Understanding Faculty Evaluation (Annual Performance Evaluations)

Click on the icon to review the Annual Performance Evaluation process and instruments used (for evaluation) at Lawson State.

Prior to your exam, be sure to review the following:

  • The Annual Performance Evaluation Cycle Information (outlined on the website)
  • Full time Faculty Evaluation Instrument
  • Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Instrument, if you are a part-time faculty member
  • Professional Growth Plan
  • Informal Classroom Observation forms
  • Formal Classroom Observation forms

Take Your "CTEL & Faculty Evaluation" Quiz Now!

Click on the Quiz icon below to access your online quiz. Results will be automatically submitted to CTEL.  Contact CTEL if you require ADA accommodations to test.

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