(Learning & Discovering Lawson State & the Webpage)

This lesson is designed to provide you with the background history of Lawson State and acquaint you with Lawson's President, its mission and vision as well as its important Quality Enhancement Plan that all faculty and staff should be familiar with and supporting.  This section will also help you as new faculty and staff to learn how to find key information at the institution via the website.  After you view the two videos below and explore the key links (provided), take the Discover LSCC quiz below.

Part I:  Introduction to LSCC's Website:Take a Virtual Tour as an Employee!

Discover LSCC

After viewing the video above acquainting you with the LSCC website, please complete the Discover LSCC website assignment.  To do so, Click on the Discover LSCC tab (from the main website page or click on the links below) and explore the following (as highlighted in the video):

Part II:  Discovering Lawson State--Navigating the Website

As noted in the video above, when navigating our website, there are two key entry points for faculty--the Faculty and Staff page or the Employee Portal page.

Although these pages are similar in nature, they also are different.  Spend about 10 to 15 minutes on each site clicking on icons and exploring what type of information is available to you on both sites. Be sure you pay particular attention to locating the entry points and login directions for:   These three sites will end up being where you spend most of your time (online) as a faculty member here at Lawson State.

Again, go to our main website at www.lawsonstate.edu and click on the Faculty and Staff button and the Employee Portal button and explore both pages and their icons.  Learn the ins and outs of both pages.  See video on locating both zones within our website.

Lesson 3 Quiz:  Please click on the quiz bar below to access the quiz.

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