Lesson #2 (Video Series) The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA

Directions:  Please review the FAQ handout and all FERPA (short) videos below and take the FERPA quiz.

All faculty and staff must protect the privacy of all student information and records.  View each video on the subject as well as the links and attachments below. 

Educate yourself on FERPA.  Review all FERPA information below.  Videos below are included for educational purposes only.


  FERPA Do's and Don'ts to Follow:

1.  Change your Blackboard password (where grades are housed) to a secure password that would not be easy to detect.
2.  Never discuss student information of any sort with another student.
3.  Do not discuss student performance or information related to a student with another employee unless the employee is acting in a supervisory or counseling role and the information is being requested for administrative purposes in assisting the student or resolving a matter related to the student.
4.  Never post grades in an open forum (i.e., within a discussion board) or share via email.
5.  Never discuss grades with a student via email.  Email is NOT considered private.
6.  Never discuss grades or student performance with parents or guardians unless the student in question has signed an authorization to release such information to the parent/guardian. 
7.  Never release (i.e., gradebook information) to anyone other than the student, unless there is a legitimate administrative request that is related to a situation surrounding the student.
8.  When passing out graded papers never call out grades.  Work to provide students with the results of the exam in the most confidential of ways (i.e., turn papers over and place on the desk.  Call students up individually to display work, etc...).
9.  Never discuss an individual's performance on a test or assignment in front of his her peers.
10.  Never share information about a student's disability with other students or employees unrelated to the student or any issue facing a student.
11.  Never discuss grades with a student when a phone call comes in anonymously, unplanned.  Such phone calls should be pre-arranged to avoid sharing of private information with an unknown person.  Also, always have a way of authenticating the caller (i.e., student number, date of birth, address) before discussing academic performance.
12.  Never share information about a students academic progress with another faculty member or administrator out of simple curiosity.  There must be a legitimate education interest established before such information can be shared.

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