Lesson #1: Best Practices:  Qualities of Effective Teaching at the Community College Level  (Video)

Directions:  Watch the two videos within the lesson and then take the online quiz below.

Video #1 (Running Time 23: 33 mins.) is your longest but most important video.  This video, produced by the Academic Dean at Lawson State Community College, outlines the expectations of faculty at Lawson State Community College (as it relates to the college's mission and goals) and reviews best teaching practices that LSCC promotes.  

NOTE:  References to "curriculum" refer to those standards set by the state as well as Lawson State faculty (within the various disciplines), particularly those divisions that use a shared syllabi with clear standards and objectives per course. 


Lesson #1 (Video #2):  The SPACE Center

 During Video #1, the Academic Dean mentioned the SPACE Center in her presentation and encouraged you to promote its use.  View this video to find out more about this important center at Lawson State Community College.

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