Welcome to the New Faculty Training Series

This is a required training module for all full and part-time faculty.

Welcome to New Faculty Orientation Training on LSCC.  You will have two-weeks to complete this part of the training series.  The Training Series includes 9 lessons with quizzes. Click on the links below to access each lesson. Quizzes, if given for a specific lesson, are linked at the end of each lesson.  Once done, go back to your main training page and complete your Blackboard training (as part of the complete training series) via the HR website for new faculty orientation.  Or, click on the Blackboard Basics icon below (for even faster access to the modules).

Click below to access each lesson in the New Faculty Training Series

Lesson 1--Qualities of Effective Instruction

Lesson 2--FERPA

Lesson 3--Getting to Know LSCC

Lesson 4--CTEL & Faculty Evaluation

Lesson 5--Faculty Suite 

Lesson 6--The Advising Corner

Lesson 7--ADA

Lesson 8--Concerns & Complaints (Procedures)

Lesson 9--Filing Official Complaints, Title IX & Reporting a Code of Conduct Violation Incident (on a Student)

Lesson 10:  Blackboard Training.  See below for specifics

Lesson 10:  Time for Blackboard Training: 


Now that you have finished Lesson 9, it is now time to start your last part of training, Blackboard   Click Blackboard Basics icon (above) to begin your Blackboard training.