Blackboard Ultra Training Series
(New Faculty Orientation)

This specific Blackboard Training Series is designed for new faculty. 

NOTE to ALL New Faculty:
Do NOT attempt this training until you have completed Step 1 of New Faculty Orientation.  Click here if you have not completed that step.  

Blackboard Requirements
(All Faculty Need to Review these Requirements)

100% of all courses taught at Lawson State are supported by Blackboard Ultra (the colleges learning management system).   Blackboard Ultra is designed to support and augment student learning.  Faculty (at a minimum) should use the following features of Blackboard in each course they teach at Lawson State:         
  • Specialized Menu Bar (expected in all LSCC classes)
  • Announcements (expected in all LSCC classes)
  • Calendars (optional but encouraged) 
  • Weekly To Do List
  • Faculty Contact Information
  • Syllabus (uploaded)
  • Virtual Class Login Directions
  • Recorded Virtual Sessions
  • Uploading of Course Handouts and Presentations (expected in all LSCC classes)
  • Posting of Homework (expected in all LSCC classes)
  • Posting of Weekly Assignments (Details)--(expected in all LSCC classes)
  • Discussion Board (optional unless you teach online)
  • Quizzes and Tests (optional unless you teach online)
  • Blogs and Wikis (optional unless you teach online)

NOTE:  Online courses have broader and more defined requirements.  Faculty must be eCertified in order to teach online.

Getting Started:  Step 1:  Log in Your Blackboard Account 

Click here to access Blackboard login directions for faculty.  Make sure you log in successful before continuing your training.  If you encounter any login issues, click here to submit a HELP TICKET.

Step 2:  Begin Your Blackboard Training Series (REQUIRED).

Directions:  Click on the "Blackboard Basics" icon below and watch each video in the Blackboard training series unless you have already seen the videos.  Once done, move to Step 3, your application test below.


View ALL Videos in the Series.  Then, go to STEP 4:

Step 3:  Blackboard Collaborate

Click here to view the Introductory Video on Blackboard Collaborate

Click here for the VIDEO LIBRARY on Blackboard, Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate

Step 4:  Take Your Blackboard Application Test!

After you complete your Blackboard Basics Course, Take Your Blackboard Application Test and then click on the "Contact Us" button below (to alert us once you are done):

Now that you have finished reviewing all of the Blackboard Basic lessons, it is now time to update all of your classes to align with Lawson State's requirements:  Please update your Blackboard courses and add complete the following:

Assignment #1:  Change your menu bar color and theme to reflect your specific course
Assignment #2:  Change your menu bar names to reflect your class assignments and organization
Assignment #3:  Post your upcoming assignments (at least for the next two to three weeks).
Assignment #4:  Post an Announcement or Announcements
Assignment #5:  Post Homework Assignments
Assignment #6:  Post at least one YouTube video using the Mashup button
Assignment #7:  Using Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom, record at 10-minute Mock Lesson in your discipline and send a copy to your Department Chair for review and Dr. Sherri Davis at (the Academic Dean and CTEL Director)
Assignment #7:  Click on the "Contact Us" button to alert us once you are done updating your Blackboard course.  Just click the button below.

Step 5:  Screencast-o-Matic....Learn How to Screencast and Record Your Lectures

Click here to begin this training.