New Employee (non-faculty) Orientation (Required Training Series)

Welcome to Lawson State!  We are excited that you have joined our team.  In an effort to better equip, engage and empower our new employees, the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (CTEL) has launched an online training series to target and assist employees (both full and part-time). If you are a new employee at Lawson State, do not begin this training, unless Human Resources has officially welcomed you to college and has issued you an Employee ID number. This online training series (for non-faculty) is required for all new full and part-time employees at Lawson State Community College.  This training is not for contractual employees. 

There are three parts to this training.  You will have four weeks to complete this training; however, Steps 1 and 2 should be completed the first week of your employment, so begin today.   Follow the directions below for each section of the training series  (below) as well as any corresponding tests.  You need to score a 90% on any test. All tests can be retaken as many times as you wish in order to meet this requirements.  Final results of training will be sent to you and your direct supervisor once you finish all training components. 

AS400 Training

AS400 is the main internal operating system that houses all student and employee information.  If your position requires you to use AS400, you must secure that training from your specialist within your department.  This training does NOT cover the training you will need for AS400, for every department and every job has different and unique AS400 responsibilities and authorizations.  Thus, AS400 training is handled on an individual basis only.  See your direct supervisor.  He or she is responsible for ensuring that you receive the proper and appropriate AS400 training.  Please contact him/her to set up training either this week or next.    

Contact CTEL immediately if anything impedes your ability to begin your training the very first week of your employment.

Remember, Steps 1 and 2 should be completed your first week of employment.  You will have an additional 3 weeks to complete Step 3 of this training series.

Step 1 (Week 1):  Activating your LSCC Accounts--Email, Employee Suite and AS400

You will need your Employee ID (secured from the Human Resource Office) to activate your Lawson State email, Employee Suite (a centralized zone secure your payroll information, file for leave and request requisitions) and your AS400 (internal main operating system) account.  You will learn more about each of these tools throughout your training.  To activate one or more of these accounts (depending on your employment status and responsibilities), click on the "Activate My Account Now"  button and answer the series of questions posed.  Once you follow this step, you should have access to Email, the Employee Suite and AS400 (if authorized) within 24-72 hours, depending upon when you are notifying us.  Only employees (under a contract) will be authorized to activate these accounts.  User Names and Password information will be sent to you via the personal (private) email account you provide us (through the activation) process.  No other means of activation, besides this one, is accepted at the college.  Thus, click on the "Activate My Account Now" button to begin.     

Step 2 (Week 1):  Register for Cougar Alert

NOTE:  You will not be able to complete Step 2 until you have completed Step 1 and have been issued a Lawson State email account.  Cougar Alert is a mass notification system comprised of email, voice and text messaging that is designed to send emergency messages to thousands of individuals in minutes. It supplements existing means of emergency communication, including outdoor warning sirens and severe weather alert radios. LSCC students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to provide a primary mobile phone number for receipt of text messages, and up to three other phone numbers (mobile or other) for receipt of voice messages. Emergency messages (i.e., school closings due to severe weather, danger on campus, etc...) will be sent via a system provided by the Blackboard Connect. Cougar Alert is used in tandem with other communication tools. 

Follow These Steps to Register:

STEP 1:  Read the directions below (in full detail) and once done, click on the "Alert Phone" (on your left) to begin the Cougar Alert registration process.

  After clicking on the Alert Phone (on your left), click on the Sign Me Up tab (located under the login in screen on the page.   Enter the requested information (First Name, Last Name, Preferred Email (of your choosing), Password) and check off the User Agreement statement.  

STEP 3: After you complete the registration, an email will be sent to your preferred email address you listed.   Login your preferred email account and locate the email.  It will have a subject line that reads:  Blackboard Connect:  Account Activation.  Click on the email link provided and answer the security questions of your choosing.

STEP 4:  After you select and answer your security questions, the system will prompt you to LOGIN.   To Login (initially) simple put in the email address and password you established at the very beginning of registration.  This is the same email that the system sent the original email to.

STEP 5:   After you clear the first LOGIN screen, the system will now authenticate your connection to Lawson and validate you.  You will need your Student ID number or Employee ID number and your student email address or  employee email address to complete the final registration steps.

STEP 6:   When prompted, the first screen will ask you to input your  IDENTIFICATION CODE which is your 7-digit Lawson State Student or Employee ID Number.  Student Example:  1123595.  Employees: Employees use your 7-digit Lawson State Employee ID Number.  Example 8802231.

How to Locate Your ID Number?:  Your Employee ID should have been issued to you upon your hiring.  You can also locate your ID within Faculty Suite.  Or, contact the HR Office if you do not know you Employee ID.

STEP 7:   The next prompt  will require you to input your Student or Employee email address.   Put in your email address. Be sure you type in the full address:  Student Example: ; Employee Example:

How to Locate Your  Email Address?:  Students: you can secure your LSCC Student Email Address from the top of your printed schedule.   Faculty & Staff Members:  You can locate your Employee ID via your Employee Suite (also called the Faculty Suite). 

STEP 8:   Once logged in, follow the prompts to change your password and get registered.  Important:  Always update the system if any of your contact information changes.


Step 3 (Week 2):  
Review  the Faculty and Staff Handbook

As a new employee of Lawson State Community College, it is important that you stay abreast of the policies that impact you and the inner-workings at the college at large.  The Faculty and Staff Handbook is designed to provide you with key and important information related to your employment.  Information can be found on the evaluation process, promotion, policies, procedures, travel, leave and more.

The Handbook can be accessed via Lawson's State website under the Faculty and Staff tab (on the main page).  Click the Faculty and Staff Handbook icon below to begin reviewing its contents throughout the week.

Step 4 (Weeks 2-4) :  Begin your Online Training Series for New Employees (non-faculty)

Step 4 is a series of short videos which provide you with specific and important information about Lawson State's internal procedures, practices, systems and polices. 

LSCC Internal Faculty Operations & Systems 


Click on "Tutorials" to begin


Have general questions? Let Us Help You.

If you need any help as you transition as a new faculty member at Lawson State, let us know. You can request an additional training video be added to our listing.   You can ask us a question (on any topic), or you can submit a Technical Support Request if you are having trouble with email, Blackboard or Student Suite. We are here to help.