Blackboard is a Course Management System that allows faculty to deliver course material electronically. It offers tools such as discussion boards, e-mail, and chat that allow documents and web pages to be displayed.

Blackboard can be used as a supplement to a traditional course, in a hybrid course, or online course. For more information about training and its features, contact Kesha James at or check the website for upcoming training.

These short “How-to” videos provide answers to the most common questions students and faculty have about Blackboard. The videos below introduce you to the Blackboard Learning System environment, general navigation, and core tools used in the teaching and learning process.

Working In the Course Environment

Getting Started with Your Course Environment (Read It)
Your Course Environment
Course to Course Navigation
Uploading One or More Files to Your Course
Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point

Building Course Content

Getting Started with Course Content
Using the Text Editor
Editing the Course Homepage
Creating a Tool Link
Creating a Mashup