And the Winners are.......

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL "Deck the Hall Winners".  We had fantastic participation and would like to thank all participants.

Now...on to the Awards.....

This Year's Top 2017 Deck the Hall Winner is:

The Nursing Department (Bessemer Campus).  Entry submitted by Dr. Katrina Swain and Nursing Faculty.




Congratulations to the Nursing Department.   This year's TOP "Deck the Halls" Winner!!!

Now for Our Category Winners!!!!!

Top Campus Winner (Bessemer)--The Records Office.  


 Top Campus Winner (Birmingham)--Natural Sciences & Mathematics



Top Student Organization--The Honors College ("The Selfie-Elf")


Best Faculty and Staff Office (Birmingham)--Ms. Katherine Long (Business Department)



Best Faculty and Staff Office (Bessemer)--Ms. Cris Martin, Physical Education


Congratulations to all participants and winners.  Once again, the "Deck the Halls" competition was the highlight of the week.  We thank all participants and look forward to even more spectacular holiday showcases next year!!!!  Just terrific!!!  Thank you for participating.

Birmingham Campus:

Overall Top "Deck the Halls" Winner!!!!!--Birmingham Campus--
The Library (Santa's Workshop with Mannequin Surprise Elves)

Runner Up:  Business Office (Winter Wonderland)

Top Group Category Winners--Birmingham Campus

  • Most Festive Top Winner--Birmingham Campus:  Business & Administrative Offices--2nd floor "A" Building (Winter Wonderland)

  • Most Creative Top Winner--Birmingham Campus:  The President's Office--Polar Express

Top Faculty and Staff Winner (Birmingham):
  • Top Faculty and/or Staff Office "Deck the Halls" Winner:  Ms. Katherine Long (Business Office, Birmingham Campus)

Top Student Organization Deck the Halls Winner (Birmingham):

       The Child Development Club--Sponsor--Dr. Ann Guy (2nd Year Running)

Bessemer Campus "Deck the Halls" Winners:

Overall Top "Deck the Halls" Winner!!!!!--Bessemer Campus
--Student Support Services  (The Land of Misfit Toys)

Runner Up:  Candyland (Registrar's Office)    

Top Group Category Winners--Bessemer Campus

  • Most Festive Top Winner--Bessemer Campus:  Admissions Office (Winter Wonderland)

  • Most Creative Top Winner--Bessemer Campus:  The Registrar's Office (Candyland)--2nd Year in a Row!!!

Top Faculty and Staff Winners--Bessemer Campus:

  • Top Staff Office "Deck the Halls" Winner:  Dr. Katrina Swain (Health Professions Office, Bessemer Camus)--2nd Year in a Row!!!

  • Top Faculty Office "A Christmas Theme"--Cris Martin--2nd Year in a Row!!!

 Top Student Organization Deck the Halls Winner (Bessemer):  

  • Honors College--A Christmas Tree