You Can Save $100’s on Your Textbook Fees Beginning Now!!!   It’s All About You…and Staying in School!!!  “15 to Finish 15”


Academic Affairs and Business Technologies is proud to announce that they have partnered with Cengage to deliver a cost savings to students in acquiring many of their General Education and Business Technologies textbooks.  Imagine just paying one low access fee $119 and gain digital access to many of your textbooks (i.e., Psychology, English, Mathematics, Art, Music and more) this term.  No more separate fees per book.  Yes…just $119.  Read the flier below and then Click on the video link provided to find out if any of your classes are using Cengage Unlimited and learn how to enroll in the digital subscription service. 


Students:  View this Video:

Coming Soon:  MindTap video for those classes using Mindtap to access Cengage Unlimited.