How to Check for Cancelled Classes (Scroll down to view full message and directions):

Students, although we do not like to, on occasion (due to low enrollment in a class), it has to be cancelled.  It is your responsibility prior to the start of school and during the first week of classes to check our system for any cancelled classes. 

Below are procedures for how to check for cancelled classes in Student Suite and what to do if one of your classes has cancelled.

The directions below outline how you can check to see if any of your classes have cancelled. 

Remember to continue checking throughout the week. To do so, follow these directions.  Be sure you have your schedule in your hand first before following these steps.

1.    Under the Student Portal on the website, login Student Suite

2.   Click on “Scheduling”

3.    Click on “Display Course”

4.    Change Status to “Cancelled”

5. Submit

Look at the cancelled course section #’s (a 5-digit number assigned to each course) to see if any of your class call numbers are listed as cancelled.  For example, if you are registered in section 80453 of ENG101, and it appears on the list as being cancelled, then, that section of ENG101 (80453) has cancelled. Look for another section that does not appear on the list.  See visual depiction below.

What to Do if My Class has Cancelled?

If a class has been cancelled, simply drop the class off of your schedule and add a new section.  If you have already paid for your classes, visit the Records Office on either campus and complete a Add/Drop form manually.  If you need additional help, please visit the Help Desk on either campus.  Help Desk information is located on our website and was also emailed to you.