What is an Appeal?

An Appeal is issued by a student wishing to counter (change) a decision or sanction reached at the college that has impacted the student.  Appeals can be related to a resolutions reached by grievance or discipline committees (to resolve a complaints or code of conduct violations); or grades resolutions issued by the Academic Dean (called a Grade Appeal).

What Can Be Appealed?

Students at Lawson State Community College have the right to appeal decisions related to the following: 

Grievance or Discipline Committee Findings:

(1) complaint resolutions determined by the Grievance Committee or sanctions imposed by the Discipline Committee.

Academic Dishonesty Sanctions:

(2) academic dishonesty sanctions issued against a student by an instructor and upheld by the Academic Dean (via a Dean's Resolution) of findings. 

Grades Disputes (from Dean's Resolutions):

(3) If you file a Grade Dispute (which challenges a final grade issued in a course), a Dean's Resolution will be issued.  If you are in disagreement with that decision, you can file an appeal.

Criteria to File:

Read your Student Handbook prior to filing a Grievance.  You need to understand the guidelines related to filing to include criteria and deadlines.


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Student Examples of Legitimate Appeal Arguments

Grade Appeals:  Example of an effectively written Appeal argument by a student:

I have attempted to resolve this matter unsuccessfully with my instructor.  In fact, I have met with my instructor about this matter twice (once on May 20 and again on May 29th, without a resolution.  I also spoke with the Department Chair, but again, still no resolution.  Thus, I would like to file an official appeal at the college.  My instructor (Dr. Jane Doe) recorded a grade of "D" as my final grade.  However, I received a "B" 88% on my final exam and a "C+" 79% on the Mid-term.  According to the syllabus, both the Mid-term and the Final are worth 30% each (totaling 60%).  My average for my course work (which has been attached to this Appeal is 68% (D).  However, that only represents 40% of the grade.  When all three components are added together and weighted properly (as the syllabus outlines), my correct average should be a "C".  In this case, the instructor made a calculation error in my final grade.  During the meeting with Dean, she asked me for my evidence, but at the time, I could not locate.  Thus, she had to render a decision without my evidence.   I have included the following evidence for my Appeal:  Copy of my Blackboard grades (displaying all of my grades, including my final), copy of all the emails I sent to my instructor and her responses back to me, and copy of the course syllabus outlining the grade weights. 

Example of an unacceptable rationale for a Grade Appeal by a student:

I had decent attendance in my History class and did most of my work.  I asked my teacher for extra help, but he would not allow me to make-up assignments even though I had excuses for my absences.  This is unfair.  I was given an "F" in this course for really no reason, and it is now impacting my GPA.  I am on scholarship and really need your help. 

Code of Conduct Violation

Example of an effective Santion Appeal argument by a student:

I am writing an appeal of a Dean's Resolution that I received determining that I am to conduct 20 hours of community service at a homeless clinic because I was found in violation of the Code of Conduct.  This particular sanction is really creating a hardship on me because I do not own a vehicle and take classes throughout the day.  As a result,  I am requesting that the sanction be changed so that I can perform my community service on campus instead.  I am an "A" student in math, so I am requesting that I be required to tutor math students in the SSS lab or work with the local high school (Wenonah) to help struggling math students.  Wenonah is within walking distance, so it does not pose a transportation issue for me.   Evidence Included:  My copy of my schedule.  The bus schedule showing that the bus right would take approximately 1:20 minutes each way to the center.  Copy of my transcript showcasing my mathematics grades.

Example of an unacceptable rationale for a grade appeal:

I don't want to do the 20 hours of community service.  This is completely unfair.  Can I have another sanction instead of this one?

Sample:  Academic Integrity Violation

Example of an effective Santion Appeal argument by a student:

Dear Appeal Committee, I was recently given a zero on a major paper in my ENG101 class due to alledged plagiarism.  My instructor cited seven different times (in my essay) where I plagiarized because I took an original sentence and substituted out their words for my words.  I now understand what I did wrong, but at the time I wrote the paper, I did not understand that that was plagirizing.  Throughout my high school career, I was always told that writing something word-for-word was plagiarizing.  I was never told that substituting language but keeping the same intent of the sentence and flow of the sentence was considered plagiarism.  In any case, this is my first offense, but I was given a zero on the assignment.  When I met with the Dean, I never showed him that my instructor NEVER taught us anything on plagiarism.  I now would like to appeal and render this fact as new evidence to consider. 

Example of an unacceptable rationale for a grade appeal:   

I don't want to do the 10 hours of community service.  This is completely unfair.  Can I have another sanction instead of this one?