Activate Your Cougar Cash Card Today to Begin Spending on Campus!

Use this Page to Activate Your Card & Report a Lost or Stolen Card

The Cougar Cash card serves as your LSCC Official ID.   However, once your Cougar Cash card is loaded, you will be able to swipe it for:

  • Use at selected vending machines on campus
  • Residence hall for door access
  • Your Cafeteria meal plan
  • Bookstore purchases
  • Can be used as a debit/credit card at certain terminals on campus

Cougar Cash Card (Dining Card Services)

  • All on campus residence students (living on campus) are assessed a fee for Room and Board (food) each semester.
  • Board includes a Meal Plan to include 3 meals-per-day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Students should swipe their Cougar Cash Card to access the 1 meal plan for each daily meal.
  • The Cougar Cash Card Meal Plan may be used on either campus (Birmingham and Bessemer)
  • Residence Hall students may used stored value cash to purchase additional food items after using their daily meal plan

Cougar Cash Special Features

  • Stored value credit may be used by all students to purchases in the cafeteria, bookstore and select vending machines
  • Account balances can be checked 24/7 online
  • Lost Cards should be reported immediately (see below). 

Report Your Cougar Cash Card Missing.  Protect Your Investment.

Report lost cards by clicking on the Lost Card pictured ID below or paste or click on the link provided: 

How to Turn your Cougar ID into a Cougar Cash Card--Follow These Steps!

Step 1:  Click the "Activate Your Card" button below 

  The Activation site is NOT supported by Internet Explorer.  Use Google Chrome or Firefox instead. 

Step 2:  Follow the directions to register your card and deposit funds on your card.
Step 3:  Begin using your Cougar Cash Card on campus.  Be sure to secure it.
Step 4:  Report your card as lost or stolen immediately if it is lost or stolen.  Never delay this.

NOTE Disclaimer:
  Lawson State is NOT responsible for lost or stolen cards and will not reimburse students for lost or stolen cards.  If your card is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the student to report the incident immediately and deactivate your card.

Click this Picture to Report Your Lost or Stolen Cougar Cash Card Here


NOTE:  This site is NOT supported by Internet Explorer.  Use Google Chrome or Firefox instead. 
Click on the "Lost or Stolen" ID above to access the reporting site. 
Or, report your lost card by clicking by pasting or clicking on this link: