Non-Credit Career Training Programs for Summer 2021


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Enrich Personally, Develop Professionally, and Start a New Career...Certified!!!

Hybrid Learning Solutions

These non-credit training programs are designed to prepare individuals with the skills needed to perform functions related to the responsibilities of  either a physical fitness setting or a medical: office, ambulatory, lab, or other physician based setting.

                          Offered in Collaboration with:

            • Programs available in Clinical Medical Assistant, Dialysis Technician, & More
            • Student tuition can include a FREE student laptop
            • Affordable tuition starting from as low as $1,399
            • Scheduled on/off-site lab sessions for students to gain real-word hands-on skills* 
            • National certification and/or industry credentialing opportunities
            • Externship opportunities to gain real-world experience and prepare for employment

*These Programs include on-campus labs scheduled on-site at your facility as well as externship opportunities with local employers. Both of these elements will be scheduled consistent with community health guidance so as to ensure the health and safety of students, instructors, and support staff.

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The College's General Admissions' Process and Financial Aid (i.e. Pell Grants and Sponsored Scholarships) are NOT Applicable!!! These Programs Require Special Admission. 

These Programs are not Form 1098-T eligible.