In order to retain the proper decorum for the delivery of college-level instruction in the classroom, students enrolled at Lawson State Community College are not permitted (except under the circumstances stated herein as an exception to the general policy) to bring children into College classrooms, labs, or shops, regardless of the age of the child. Nor should students leave unattended children in any building or on any grounds of the College at any time. An exception to this policy can be made with the approval of the respective instructor if the child of a Lawson State Community College student is a high school senior, or at least 18 years of age, and is a prospective student at Lawson State Community College. In such a case, the student may be allowed to bring the child to no more than one session of each course that the student is taking.

In addition, in the interest of the safety, unless a person under the age of 18 (who is not a student of Lawson State Community College or another participating college) is a participant in a Lawson State Community College sponsored activity, an adult must supervise or accompany the child at times that the child is on any campus of Lawson State Community College. Furthermore, it is not permissible for any person to leave a child in custodial care on any premises of Lawson State Community College while attending classes or extracurricular activities. It is recommended that Lawson State Community College students and visitors leave their children in the care of an appropriate childcare provider while attending any class, function, or other College activity that may prevent their personal supervision of their children.

This policy applies to all students, guests, and visitors of Lawson State Community College and shall be published in all student handbooks and posted in appropriate locations throughout the campuses of Lawson State Community College. Lawson State Community College will not be liable for any injury, or property loss or damage, suffered by any party as a result of a violation of this policy.