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Cheer on the Lawson State Cougars as they take on the teams from across the state in men and women's basketball, baseball and women's volleyball and dance team.  The Athletic Department is an integral part of the College and is broad in scope and diversity. We offer a variety of opportunities for qualified / interested students in athletic competition, training and support activities. The Athletics Department is also committed to providing a vigorous intercollegiate sports program that encourages physical fitness, achievement and fellowship.  Further, Lawson State's student-athletes demonstrate that a pursuit of excellence on the playing field is fully compatible with the pursuit of excellence in the classroom, and the combination of those two endeavors lends itself to a comprehensive educational experience. 

The department is obliged to attract dedicated administrators, coaches and staff committed to recruiting promising student-athletes that can fully develop as players and individuals, as well as develop disciplined and inspired graduates who will provide leadership in solving human and social problems in the nation and the global community.


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