It's that Time!  Graduation is just around the corner.  Are you ready?

Follow These Steps and View Video Tutorial on the Application for Graduation Process

First, before you begin the graduation application process, meet with your Academic Advisor to determine if you will finish all course work this fall, spring or summer.  If so, and you have completed the Graduation Notification Process, follow the steps below to apply for graduation:

Step 1: Notification (to Apply for Graduation)

First, you must notify the college of your "Intent" to graduate. 

To do so, click on the "Notify Us" button below  to "Apply for Graduation".  

This notifies the Registrar's Office of your intent to apply to graduate.  Now...move to Step 2.

 Step 2:  Print Required Documentation

While logged in to Student Suite, print off the following required documents and attach to your application for graduation.

a. Unofficial Copies of Transcripts
b. Degree Plan

Step 3: Complete the Application for Graduation

Complete the requested information on the form by click the button to your left.  Once done, print the completed form.  Sign the form and secure signatures from your advisor and the department chairperson (over your program area).

eCollege Students (students taking all classes online):  If you are an online (eCollege) student, signatures will be collected for you.  Sign and scan your application as instructed, and email it to the Registrar's Office at:  The Registrar will secure the signatures and submit your application for graduation to the appropriate office.  Once done, move to Step 4 (but Skip Step 5).

If you encounter problems emailing us, contact the Registrar at 205-929-3409.

Step 4:  Pay Your Graduation Fee

NOTE:  You can ONLY skip this step if you are registering for ORI101 (Orientation) during the fall term of 2014, or after that term....2015, 2016, etc.... Move to Step 5.  (Please note that if you have participated in the Commencement in the past, you will be charged an additional fee for multiple participation)  Click on retrieve Multiple Ceremony form.

If you have already taken ORI101 before Fall 2013-14, you must complete this step and pay your graduation fee.  To pay, present your completed application to the campus cashier to pay the required graduation fee of $75 (Includes cover, graduation, multiple awards, invitations, name cards, regalia, etc.). 

eCollege Students (students taking all classes online):  Pay by phone with credit card.  Online (eCollege) students can pay by phone.  Call 205-929-3429.  Once you pay, you have finished the application process.  You will be notified (by the Registrar) if additional information is needed.

Step 5:  Submit Your Application

Submit your completed graduation application (along with the required documents) to the Registrar’s Office (in the A-Building), Room 192 (near the Information Desk) on the Bessemer Campus and/or in the Vice President’s Office (2nd floor in the Administration Building) on the Birmingham Campus.

(In an effort to prepare for graduation, please submit your application 1-2 semesters prior to finishing, if possible). 

eCollege Students (students taking all classes online):  Skip this Step.  Move to Step 6.

  Failing to submit your application early could cause your name not to be printed within the graduation ceremony program.

**Students can participate in the graduation ceremony as long as they do not have more than nine credit hours remaining to complete (in the next proceeding term/semester).  In such cases, ALL credits must be completed that following term.

 Step 6: Wait 20 Days--Check Your Graduation Application Status

After you submit your graduation application to Vice President's Office ( Birmingham) or Registrar's Office(Bessemer), wait 15 days.  Then, come back to this page and submit a status check.  To submit, click on the "Check My Status" box on your left.  The Records Office will notify you via email (only) of your status. Notifications typically take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.