Enrollment Guide

Below, please read general enrollment steps for first time / transfer / re-admitted students.  Fall semester mini term 2 classes begin October 16, 2017.

Initiate the financial aid process if applicable

Financial aid applicants must complete an online FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, including those applying for scholarships, grants and other sources of aid / assistance. 
To initiate the FAFSA, visit: http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
For more information please contact the Office of Student Financial Services
  • Birmingham Campus       205-929-6393
  • Bessemer Campus            205-929-3423
  • LSCC financial aid code:   001059
Please visit www.lawsonstate.edu / Financial Aid for detailed financial aid information, including:
A financial aid application checklist and other necessary forms.
Comprehensive information about scholarships and deadlines.

Make sure your admission file is complete

  • Visit www.lawsonstate.edu and click Student Portal / Student Suite / Login / Login / Forgot PIN (You will input your student number as your username and your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) as your PIN.  
  • If you do not yet know your student number, click Forgot Username / ID.
  • Once logged in, click Student Records, then Required Admissions Documents.
  • Those having a date received are on file with us while those not having a date received have not yet been received by our office.
  • Please ensure that all items listed are provided.  Items must have been received before you may register for your second consecutive semester.
  • Potential transfer credits will be evaluated and posted to our system.  Your degree plan should reflect your academic progress in your program of study.  
  • If you believe a discrepancy exists in your transfer credit, please contact Dorian Waluyn. 
  • If you are a returning student but attended another institution since you were last enrolled here, please have those official transcripts mailed to our office.
  • All official college transcripts must be mailed or electronically transmitted to our office.
  • High School Seniors of 2017, please have your FINAL high school transcript mailed to our office when it is available.  It must contain your graduation date and must be signed by an appropriate school official.  High school transcripts should be mailed to our office by your high school or you may deliver them in a sealed envelope.
  • If valid ACT scores are listed on the high school transcript, we can use them in lieu of the placement assessment.  ACT scores may also be requested at www.act.org
  • If you are a transient status applicant, please go to www.lawsonstate.edu, click Admissions & Records / Admissions Information / Transient Students.  Follow the instructions provided to enroll.
  • Take the Placement Assessment

    • Students must take the placement assessment unless exempt by policy or if transferring equivalent math and English courses required by their intended curricula.  Information about the exemptions and preparation materials may be found at www.lawsonstate.edu (Click Admissions & Records, then Placement Assessment.)
    • The placement assessment must be completed prior to visiting a counselor to register for classes.  Students are encouraged to complete this step before pre-enrollment orientation.  If valid ACT scores are on file (no older than three years from August 2017), they can be used for placement in lieu of taking the placement assessment.  (Our ACT code is 0078.)
    • Schedule your assessment online at the noted website location.  If you cannot register online, call 205-929-2113 (Birmingham campus) or 205-929-3418 (Bessemer campus).  Bring your valid photo ID (driver’s license) to your assessment. 
    • Placement assessment times / days are posted on the website.
    • If you wish to declare a documented disability or need placement assessment accommodations, contact Dr. Herndon, 205-929-3419 at least two weeks before your anticipated assessment date.

    Visit a Counselor to Register for Classes

    • If you are a first time, transfer, or international applicant, you will visit a counselor to register during pre-enrollment orientation or at a counselors office.
      • Birmingham Campus – go to room 220 of the Leon Kennedy Student Center
      • Bessemer Campus – go to the Admissions Office lobby of building A, Student Services Suite and you will be directed to a counselors office.    
    • If you are a re-entering student, you will register for classes with your departmental instructor(s). 
    • You may view a copy of your degree plan through the Student Portal on our website. 
    • Click Student Portal / Student Suite / Login / Login / Forgot PIN (You will input your social security number as your username and your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) as your PIN. 
    • First time students cannot register online.  You may register for your second semester online.  See the online class schedule / Student Suite for details. 

    Pay Tuition / Fees and Purchase Books / Supplies

    • Pay tuition and fees at the Business Office or online through Student Suite.
    • Birmingham Campus Second floor, Administration Building, 205-929-6334 Bessemer Campus      Building A, Cashier’s Office, 205-929-3429
    • Your registration is incomplete until you 1) visit the Business Office or 2) log onto Student Portal / Student Suite to complete it. 
    • Unless you visit the Business Office, you must perform this process, regardless of whether or not you are receiving financial aid.  If applicable, your financial aid must have been awarded before you complete registration on Student Suite.
    • Tuition is due by the day each semester begins or by a deadline set by the Vice President of Instruction. Purchase textbooks / academic supplies in either campus bookstore. Birmingham Campus-Leon Kennedy Student Center, (2nd floor)-205-929-6326
    • Bessemer Campus-Building A, (next to the Cashier’s Office)-205-929-3424 Lawson State Community College has partnered with Tuition Management Systems to help students and their families better manage the cost of education.  Go to Lawson State Community College’s Payment Center (www.lawsonstate.edu) or call 1-800-722-4867.
    • Tuition Management Systems offers low interest loans, interest free monthly payment options, education payment counseling, flexible payment scheduling, Family Info-Line, and 24-hour automated account access.

    Acquire Your Student ID & Parking Decal

    • Present your tuition / fees payment receipt at the ID station on either campus to receive your Student Identification Badge and parking decal.  Multiple decals may be requested to register multiple vehicles. 
    • Locations for ID and parking decal pick-up:
      • Birmingham Campus Administration Building, (first floor- across from the Financial Aid Office)
      • Bessemer Campus-Student Services Center, Building A, (Bookstore Lobby)
      • Bookstore hours are extended during registration. 
      • The Birmingham campus bookstore is located in the Leon Kennedy Students Center, second floor.  
      • The Bessemer campus bookstore is located in building A.

    Other Important Information

    Driving directions to both campuses and campus maps are available on the website’s main page www.lawsonstate.edu 
    Residential Housing Information may be obtained at www.lawsonstate.edu or you may call 205-929-6493 or email residencehall@lawsonstate.edu
    Housing applications and handbooks are available online. From www.lawsonstate.edu click Quick Links, then Housing and Residential Facility.

    Thank you for choosing Lawson State Community College!  If  you have questions, please contact us at admissions@lawsonstate.edu or call (Birmingham)  205.929.6309 or (Bessemer) 205.929.3418.

    Admissions Office,  Lawson State Community College (admissions@lawsonstate.edu)