Step 5:
 Now that you have submitted your application by our  deadline, watch Our Welcome Video and Complete Your Online Dual Enrollment Student Orientation.  Both are required steps.  See link below to begin orientation.

For this step, we need you to do THREE things:
1. Come to the Bonanza (if you are a NEW dual enrollment student).  See Step 1 for more information (date, time, location) and directions. 
2. Watch our Dual Enrollment Welcome Video.  Click icon above to view.
3.  Following the Bonanza, complete your REQUIRED Dual Enrollment Online Orientation Session.  This is done completely online is available 24/7.  See below for more information.

Never begin taking classes at Lawson State without completing this required orientation session.  The orientation covers everything from securing your books to logging into Blackboard (where your course information can be found) to reporting issues or seeking help and more. 

Follow these steps to complete your Orientation Session which is completely online and available 24/7.  All DE students are responsible for the information contained in the DE Orientation Session.  Failure to complete Orientation will not excuse students if facing disciplinary or academic penalty situations.        

1.  Go to Lawson's website at
2.  Click on the Quick Links tab at the top of the website.
3.  Click on the Dual Enrollment (DE) Orientation Resource Center link.
4.  Once on the DE Resource page, follow the steps on the page to complete your Orientation session.  Read all information on the DE Resource page and view all videos, beginning with the Welcome video.  Contact us (via the "Contact Us" buttons if you have any questions at any time during the semester. link below to access page.

Dual Enrollment Online Orientation Link 


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