Step 4:  New & Returning Students:  Submit Your Application and Required Documents by Our Deadline

Mini-2 Summer Enrollment--Deadline is June 28th.
Fall 201 Enrollment--Deadline is August 18th.

Follow these Directions to Submit Your Required Documents Electronically:

1.  Be sure to make the subject line of your email:  Dual Enrollment Application (Your Full Name).  Example:  Dual Enrollment Application (Jane Doe)
If you do not have a scanner, you can drop off your paperwork to one of our Admissions Offices (on either the Bessemer campus or Birmingham campus) by August 18,  2017 (for the fall enrollment) or by June 28th, 2017(for summer, Mini-term 2 students).  Office location and directions are below.
Before emailing your application and required paperwork (transcript, ID, Trial Schedule, etc...)., complete this Checklist of completion.

Check to see if you have completed ALL of the required application steps PRIOR to sumbiitting your application (and required paperwork)n coming to the Bonanza.  Complete this CHECK-List below and submit your application online by August 18,  2017 (for the fall enrollment) or by June 28th, 2017 (for summer, Mini-term 2 students). 

1. ______ Completed Application 
2. ______  Principal's signature on the Application (both New and Returning Students should submit)
3. ______  Parents or guardians signature on the Application (both New and Returning Students should submit)
4. ______  Copy of my state-issued ID  (Returning students will NOT need to submit this unless the ID has expired)
5. ______  Official copy of my most recent high school transcripts (Student who took DE classes during the summer 2016 term will NOT have to submit a new transcript, but all others will.)
6 ______   Have attached my Trial Schedule to the application (and selected either one or two courses).  (Returning and new students will have to submit this)
7. _______Understand that I must complete the  DE Student Orientation session (online) and plan to complete this after the Bonanza or now.  See STEP 5 for more information.  (Returning and new students will have to complete this unless the Returning students already completed orientation over the summer).

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Funds for technical students are NEVER guaranteed.  They are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.  Books, tuition, fees and select materials are covered for select technical programs only (while funds last).

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