Step 3:

New & Returning Students MUST Complete Step 3

NOTE:  General Education (i.e., CIS146, PSY200, SPH107 etc...) courses are NO LONGER covered under the grant.  The only General Education courses that are covered are English (101 or above), math (100 or above) and select science courses.  NOTE:  Anatomy and Physiology are NOT covered under the grant.  Only General Biology courses are covered.

Select Your Program of Study, Your Classes, and Complete Your Trial Schedule.  Once done, submit documents to us electronically (see Step 4) and submit these documents by the pre-set deadline via email to:  admissions@lawsonstate.eduSee Step 4 for more detailed information.

Please keep in mind that electronically completed applications have first priority to our grant dollars.  If you missed the Bonanza, you can still submit these documents to us electronically before the start of any given term.  Applications that come in after classes have started will NOT be considered.  See upcoming steps (Step 4) for more information as it relates to how to submit these documents to Lawson State.Need help with course selection?  Contact Janine McCoy, the Dual Enrollment Coordinator at or email us at

Review, complete, and sign your  trial schedule form (selection of your program and classes.  Include it with your application.  Follow these steps to complete this task: 
The schedule below is a PDF file.  You will need Adobe Reader to view the schedule.  Click the Adobe Reader button (below)  for a free download of the software, if needed.


(a)  First: 

Click below to access the listing of covered DE Programs at Lawson State.  There are two listings within this single document.  First is a listing of all approved programs.  The second listing highlights Carry Over Programs for returning students.  These are programs that are ONLY approved for students who have already started course work within those programs.  If you are a NEW student, you WILL NOT be allowed to enroll in a Carry Over program.  Once you pull up the Program listing, select your program from this listing if you are trying to seek grant covered courses.
NOTE:  Programs are SUBJECT to CHANGE by the STATE.   Review the current Listing of Eligible Dual Enrollment (DE) Programs.  Remember, the grant will only cover courses that are apart of a covered Career Technical  Program (i.e.,  Computer Science, Air Conditioning, Automotive, etc...).  Click on the Dual Enrollment Grant Programs picture below to reveal the approved listing of grant covered (free) programs.  NOTE:  Be sure to scroll down the full listing.  If you are a RETURNING student and DO NOT see your program, view the CARRYOVER listing at the bottom of the Program Listing page.   If you have NOT been enrolled at Lawson State before and started a Dual Enrollment CTE Program, you MUST use the New Student listing (at the top).  However, if you have taken classes with us previous, you can continue your CTE major (as long as it was covered under previous CTE Approved Carryover Listings) and currently appears on the listing of continued programs. 

Click below for the CTE Program Listing for NEW & RETURNING Students:

 NOTE:  If you are interested in a program that is not included on this listing, you can still enroll in the program, but you will have to pay for all tuition, fees, books and materials (if materials are required).

(2) Second:

Creating Your Trial Schedule.  After you identify your program of study and you select what proposed courses you would like to take, it is time to go out to the online course schedule and select up to TWO courses (no more) and create your Trial Schedule.  A sample and copy of the Trial Schedule is below. 
NOTE:  General Education (i.e., CIS146, PSY200, SPH107 etc...) courses are NO LONGER covered under the grant.  The only General Education courses that are covered are English, math and select science courses. NOTE: Anatomy and Physiology courses are no longer covered.

Click here a Trial Schedule

Click here for a SAMPLE Trial Schedule

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