Step 1:  

New Students: Participate in the Dual Enrollment Bonanza.  Next Bonanza: November 4, 2017 for spring semester participation.   Returning Students: Reapply online.  See details below.

NEW STUDENTS:  Bring  your completed and signed application, transcripts, ID and Trial Schedule to the Bonanza.  If you cannot attend the Bonanza, submit your paperwork online by emailing all required documents to (before the Bonanza).  Please NOTE that we cannot guarantee NON-ATTENDING students grant funds.  Only those NEW students who attend the Bonanza will have a chance to secure the funds.  If you miss the Bonanza and funds are still available, you will then become eligible, but not before.  NOTE:  Funds are distributed on a first come first serve basis.
Students who are currently attending Lawson State or have attended the previous semester (during the same school year) ONLY need to submit a Trial Schedule and Transcript for the upcoming summer term.   To do so, SKIP this section and Go to Step 3.  Submit your Trial Schedule and Transcript to:   In your email to Admissions, be sure to identify yourself as a Dual Enrollment student and provide your student ID number as well.  (Submit online).

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Location of Event (Bonanza):

Lawson State Community College (Birmingham/West/Main Campus)
3060 Wilson Road, SW.   Birmingham, AL  35221
Perry W. Ward Technology Building--ACATT Building (see photo above)

Date:  November 4, 2017 for Spring 2018 Enrollment
Time: 9:00 a.m.

Funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis to eligible students.  Funds cover books, tuition and fees (and some select materials).  You must be present at this event to qualify for grant covered funds (while they last).  Typically the Bonanza runs from about 9 a.m. until noon, so plan accordingly.  On average, it can take about 2 hours to complete the full registration process, depending upon when you arrive.  The earlier you arrive, typically, the shorter your processing time.  These are projected times only and can never be predicted.    

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