Dual Enrollment: 


                    Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply as a Dual Enrollment Student? You need to complete the application process online and then bring your completed packet to the Dual Enrollment Bonanza.  The application and all other paperwork you need to submit are completely online.  Click on the Quick Links tab (at the top of our website) and look for the Dual Enrollment section (on that page) for the specific information on the application process.  Follow the outlined steps to apply.  Do not skip any steps.  Bring all paperwork with you to the Bonanza to register.

When is the Dual Enrollment Bonanza? Lawson State has a Dual Enrollment Bonanza every term.  Click on the Quick Links tab (at the top of our website) and look for the Dual Enrollment section for the specific information on the Bonanza.  The Bonanza is a one-stop enrollment experience.  We collect your application and register you for your classes all on the same day.

Am I required to attend the Bonanza? Yes, all students interested in attending Lawson State as a DE student should attend the Bonanza.  It is a one day event each semester.
I cannot attend the Bonanza.  Can my parent or guardian attend in my behalf. Yes, but they need to come with your completed application packet, including a copy of your ID.
What if I attended the Bonanza one semester, do I have to attend it again? Yes, since you will be attending the college for a new semester, you have to register again.  Thus, you must attend the Bonanza again.  You will not have to bring in a new application, but you MUST bring in a copy of your updated transcript and a new ID (if your ID has expired).  You will also have to bring in a copy of your trial schedule (course selection). 
What GPA do I need to qualify to take a Dual Enrollment class ?  You need at least a 2.5 high school GPA
Do I have to pay for my classes? It depends.  Some school districts will cover the expenses for attending high schools students, but most school districts will not.  Contact your principal about your school specifically.  If you are career technical student (pursuing a high demand trade), your tuition and expenses will be covered under special grant funds.  Only some trade programs are covered, not all.
What career technical programs are covered under the grant funds at Lawson State? Lawson State provides a listing of covered programs via its course schedule listing.  When you select your classes, view the schedule listing closely that outlines what classes are covered under the grant and what classes are not.

What about academic/general studies courses...are they covered under the grant. No, academic courses are not covered under the grant funds.  Students will have to pay to take all general studies classes (i.e., English, history, mathematics, science, etc...) unless their school district is covering the tuition.
What about my books? Who pays? You are required to pay for your books unless you fall under the grants funding or if your school district is paying.  Again, most school districts do not pay.
When do classes start? Semester start and end dates are posted on our Academic Calendar.  You can view the Academic Calendar online via our website.  The calendar is located on the very top row of the website.

What types of terms does the college offer? The college offers three types of terms.  We have a regular term which runs for 16 weeks, and we have two mini-terms.  Mini-term 1 runs the first 8 weeks of the semester and Mini-term 2 runs the second 8 weeks of the term.  Mini-term classes are condensed, meaning although they run for only 8 weeks, the classes are longer (in terms of meeting times), so they finish all of the work but in a shorter period of time.
What is an online course? If you have registered for an online course, that means that you will take 100% of your class online.  Classes are delivered via Blackboard which is an online Learning Management System.  Students must log onto Blackboard and participate throughout the week and complete their assignments by set deadline.  All quizzes and tests are administered via Blackboard.

All are online courses more expensive to take?   Yes.  There are additional fees associated with taking an online course.  Click on Quick Links to view the Tuition and Fee schedule or click on the eCollege button (from the main website) for more information about eCollege fees.

Do I need specialized equipment to take an online course? Yes. There are specific equipment requirements with taking an online course.  Click on the eCollege button (from the main website) for more information about eCollege equipment requirements.
How do I withdraw from a course? Click on Quick Links and (under the Current Students button) select the online withdrawal link.  Follow the steps to withdrawal.  Before doing so, speak with your instructor and the DE Counselor.  Also, check the Academic Calendar to determine when it is safe to withdraw without financial penalty
Are there penalties for withdrawing from a course? Yes. Depending upon when your withdrawal, you can asked to pay your tuition or textbook dollars back if your used grant funds or school district funds to pay for them.  Always check with the college's counselor before withdrawing and review the Academic Calendar to determine when it is safe to withdraw without financial penalty.

Another penalty is that if you withdrawal from a class, you will NOT be eligible to participate in Dual Enrollment the following semester.