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Guide to Disability Services


Manual--Click Here


The purpose of this manual is to provide relevant information about disabilities services and support provided through Lawson State Community College.  The Counseling unit of the Student Services division acts as the service arm of the college, in facilitating accommodations and services for students with disabilities.  Through the eligibility determination procedures described herein, the counseling services strives to develop and implement special accommodations tailored to the individual students needs and learning characteristics.  Furthermore, the role of self - advocacy is fostered and supported by the college, therefore students are encouraged to actively participate in the process of securing services.  Administrators, faculty, and staff are committed to the delivery of quality services and support for students with documented disabilities.  A professional counseling staff is available to provide career, personal, and psychological counseling as well as academic advising to students with disabilities.  In addition, the LSCC staff is committed to providing training and technical assistance for faculty, staff, students and the community involved in the provision of services and/ or educational experiences to college students who have disabilities.    The counseling staff is committed to working collaboratively with the faculty and staff of the college to help students minimize the effects of their disabilities through the implementation of a wide range of accommodations in the learning environment. 


The policies and procedures contained in this document represent the colleges effort to adhere to the federal disability laws, which guarantee access and participation of all qualified students, regardless of their individual strengths and abilities.  It is our intent to provide an environment in which all students learn and realize their potential.


Recognition and respect are extended to the LSCC faculty and staff for their continued commitment to students of all abilities.


Important Note


Any information described in the Guide to Disability Services is subject to change.  Counseling Services will inform students of policy and procedure changes via U.S. Mail, college email, college website, posted notification, and seminars.  Please keep your current address updated to avoid missing pertinent information from the college.