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Register for Mini-2 Classes Today!!! Classes Begin the Week of October 13th. Click Here for the Registration Steps!


Follow these Steps to Register for Mini-term 2 Classes

A Mini-term 2 class is an accelerated class that awards the same credit for a regular course, but the course is completed in 8 weeks, opposed to 16 weeks.  Classes either meet an extra day per week or for an extended period of time to ensure the class has adequate contact hours to award full credit (in a shorter period of time).  Students should avoid taking Mini-term 2 courses if the subject matter is challenging for them.  In other words, if math is your weakest subject, taking a math class during a Mini-term would not be advisable.

NOTE:  Because the regular term is well on its way, at this time you CANNOT register for M2 courses online.  However, you can register on campus.   Follow these steps to enroll in a Mini-term 2 class, if you are a current student at Lawson State.

Step 1.  From the main website, click on either the Student Portal button.

Step 2.  From the Student Portal page, click on Course Schedules (to view the fall schedule)

View the Lawson State class schedule and register for community college classes online


Step 3.
  Once on the online schedule view page, select Mini-term 2 (under the Mini-term option window).  See highlighted area below.

Select Courses for FA14-2015
Campus:      Include web courses with campus selected
Day/Evening:       Status  
Mini Term: 
You must select ALL DEPTS in order to use Course Name as a limit.
Department:  OR Course Name: 
Meeting Days
Sun    Mon    Tue    Wed    Thu    Fri    Sat   
Step 4:  Select your Mini-term 2 courses.  Be sure to write down all course information (days, times, courses and COURSE ID number).

Step 5:  Complete a Trial Schedule (if you are brand new student) form or Add/Drop form (if you are already enrolled and taking classes) and add the new classes.

Step 6:  Sign the form and submit it (for official processing) to the Admissions/Registrar's Office (on either campus).

Step 7:  Pay for your classes.

Step 8:  Secure your books for the course.

Step 9:  Attend the first week of classes. 

You're done!  Welcome to the Mini-term 2 term.

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