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BET Personality Jeff Johnson Visits City for Youth Vote Rally


3060 Wilson Road
Birmingham, AL 35221

Contact: Geri Albright
Director of Public Relations
(205) 929-6315

BET Personality Jeff Johnson Visits City for Youth Vote Rally

OCTOBER 2008 - As one of the most important elections in quite some time transpires just days before us, there are major efforts to register voters, our youth in particular. Numerous opportunities exist for anyone in search of registration, but there are still so many eligible voters NOT registered to vote. The right to vote has been taken for granted and it is the challenge of the community to, rather than misuse or waste our young vote, enlighten our youth on the rights and privileges of having one’s preference included.

As the community continues to place emphasis on the education and inspiration of our youth, Lawson State Community College served as the host site for the “YOUTH VOTE RALLY” held on October 6, 2008 in the gymnasium of the Arthur Shores Fine Arts Building on the Birmingham West Campus of the school. All of the seniors and 18-year-olds (unless otherwise designated) of the City of Birmingham were in attendance as well as many young people currently attending Lawson State.

The program began at 8:30 a.m. and lasted approximately two hours. Alabama state and local officials were featured along side BET’s Jeff Johnson, who greeted, educated, inspired and motivated Birmingham’s youth toward ownership and leadership for tomorrow. Opportunities were also provided for onsite voter registration. The highlight of the morning was, without a doubt, the inspirational speech given by Mr. Johnson. He spoke of the brilliant minds in America that are in gangs and incarcerated instead of in politics. Mr. Johnson also motivated young voters to select not just whomever they are told to vote for, but a candidate who possesses a certain “passion for the people” even if in a popular candidate’s stead. Mr. Johnson included in his rhetoric the blessing that America has in democracy and even stated that “an ignorant voter is the worst thing in America” outlining the importance of research and truth in politics.

Lawson State Community College was honored to host regional students in attendance for this educational experience as well as Mr. Johnson. The event represents the collaborative efforts of The National Coalition of Black Civic Participation, Birmingham City Council, Birmingham City Schools, Birmingham Vision, Code Red, Innovative Approach Foundation and Lawson State Community College. Questions regarding “YOUTH VOTE RALLY” should be forwarded to Ms. Geri Albright, Director of Public Relations and Community Affairs at (205) 929-6315 or

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